Taking It Deeper


Water You turned into wine
Opened the eyes of the blind
There’s no one like You
None like You
Into the darkness You shine
Out of the ashes we rise
There’s no one like You
None like You
Our God is greater
Our God is stronger
God, You are higher than any other
Our God is Healer
Awesome in power
Our God
Our God
And if our God is for us
Then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us
Then what could stand against


Think of prayer as driving a car.   The first thing you have to do is turn the ignition, and with prayer, the ignition is giving God praise.   This song is 89 words of powerful praise,   and a great way that you can get listeners engaged with this song is to remind them to sing any part of it  before they pray.   Have them use this song to ignite their prayers.

You can also use these lyrics as a way to remind you of things to pray for.   Here’s an example of how you can pray this song:   “Lord, I’m reminded of the words ‘Water you turned into wine,’ and Lord , just as it takes a physical change to make water into wine, I know that you can physically change me to make me what you need me to be.   This song also says that you opened the eyes of the blind, and that you shine into the darkness.   Lord, I need your light to shine into my situation today.   Don’t let me go blindly into this, God.   Please open my eyes and show me the direction I should go.   There is none like you, and I need you to stand for me, so that I can prevail against anything that wants to stand against me.”

Just remember, the title of the song is “Our God,” not “My God” of “The God.”   That word “our” means that it’s “belonging to or associated with the speaker and one or more other people.”   In this case, this song is a set of lyrics that are beneficial both to God (because it gives Him praise) and to you and me (because it reminds us of ways that God is there for us).


  • The Psalms talk about how God is our strength and shield.
  • And shields always go in front.
  • This song reminds us that if our God is for us than who can stand against us.
  • Picture yourself standing up against God’s backside, using Him like a shield, as He goes forward to stand up against whatever enemy you face.


  • The word “path” doesn’t sound like a very dangerous word.
  • Unless you’re in the path of a hurricane, or tornado, or volcano.
  • If you are on a path of destruction, the best thing to do is to get on a path out of there.
  • And the best one is one that is greater, and stronger, and higher than any other.
  • It’s God’s path.
  • It’s not easy.
  • But it IS safe, and it is secure, and it is a shelter from any emotional storm in life.
  • (OPTIONAL)   We can help you find it, call us...


  • There is a famous acronym that is a great reminder of how we should pray, and it’s the simple letters P.R.A.Y.
  • They stand for Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield.
  • This (That) is a song you can use if you ever find your prayers difficult to start.
  • It’s because it walks you through a perfect way to praise.


  •   We have Instant coffee, but even in this day and age we don’t have instant wine.
  • And yet the first line of this song talks about how Jesus instantly turned water into wine.
  • It was done after a request from His mom.
  • Think about this:   Wine takes time to make, and if Jesus can do it instantly, that means He has mastery over time.
  • Which consequently means He has the ability to change what you’re going through, and He could do it in an instant if He wants.
  • All it takes is a request.
  • Pray this song to Him.   Give Him praise first, and then make your request and wait for Him to answer.


  • Next time you drive by a power substation or an electrical transformer think about this (that) song.   Do you know what those transformers actually do?
  • They take the 150,000 plus volts power generated at the plant and reduce it down to the 220 or 120 volts you use at your house.
  • This (that) song is like one of those transformers, but in reverse.
  • When we really believe the words of this (that) song, we’re acknowledging how we can’t really accomplish much in our own measly bit of 120 volt power.
  • When we say He is “awesome in power” and that “He is for us” we’re letting the 150,000 plus infinity volts of power that God has into our situations.
  • It’s best to stand back and watch that power work.

    Scripture References

    Romans 8:31

    What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?


    Psalm 18:2

    The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.


    Zephaniah 3:17  

    The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness;  he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

    Your Own Experiences

    Talk about a time that it seemed like God was just clearing a way for you.   How he opened your eyes to possibilities, shed light into darkness.


    Have you ever been in a situation where someone in power had to come to your rescue?   I think about the time my family had to go before a judge to finalize our adoption.   The judge had the power to rule or not rule in our favor.   How do you pray and trust during those times?   That’s a perfect tie in to this song.


    Did you have a “first miracle?”   Can you remember the first time that God did some kind of incredible work in your life?   That story can encourage a listener and it can tie into the first line of this song which is about Jesus’ first miracle.

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