Taking It Deeper


When the stars came crashing down  
In tiny pieces to the ground  
I was all alone down here  
Trapped beneath the atmosphere  
Then I thought somebody called my name  
I spun around and caught a flame  
I gave in to a God I didn't know  
And now everything is falling into place  
A brand new life is calling and I owe it all to grace  
It's so much brighter living in Your world  
Savior, what you did for me  
You gave me something I want everyone to see  
When we struggle and it all goes wrong  
Only You can make it right  
So I say  
Oh I'm learning to be the light  
I'm learning to be the light  
When a heart is cold as ice  
You can't melt it with advice  
No one wants to listen to  
A list of things they shouldn't do  
So I build a city on a hill  
And I light a candle on a sill  
Knowing You'll be always knocking at the door  
Oh God I just want to love on everyone  
All I have is Yours to give so let the people come  
I'm learning to be the light  
That makes the shadows hide  
I'm learning to be the light  
The light that breaks the curse of pride  
I'm learning to be the light  
he light that takes the weary in it's arms  
When it all came crashing down  
There was only darkness all around  
But in the distance I could see  
A Flame  



  • In an interview, Joel Parisen, the lead singer of Newworldson said that God was teaching him how to not be a lip-service Christian
  • But what is difficult is that he has to do what he says he believes
  • He says we have work to do, that we can’t just sit back and enjoy the ride.


  • When the power goes out the first thing we grab is a flashlight to go check the fusebox.
  • We are like that flashlight.
  • We point the way to where the true light can be found.


  • One place that we always look for the light is a railroad crossing.
  • We don’t pull on to the tracks if we see the light on the front of the train.
  • It’s because we don’t know how fast the train is really moving.
  • It’s the same with God.   It’s best to wait for Him to move in your life.
  • And you’ll probably be surprised at how quickly He shows up.

    Scripture References

    Matthew 5:14-16

    “You are the light of the world.   A city on a hill cannot be hidden.   Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.   In the same way, let your light shine before men,   that they may see your good deeds   and praise   your Father in heaven.


    2 Corinthians 4:6

    For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,”   made his light shine in our hearts   to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.


    Isaiah 60:19

    The sun will no more be your light by day,   nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you,   for the   Lord   will be your everlasting light,   and your God will be your glory.

    Your Own Experiences

    Talk about a situation in life where you felt in the dark, but someone showed you the light.   I had an instance where we were adopting our first child, and we felt overwhelmed about it, but then a friend prayed for us and all the pieces started falling into place.


    What’s an example where God started putting everything together for you?   When He did, didn’t you want to share that with everyone?


    What has He given you that you want everyone to see?

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